Welcome to Sweater Bunnies!

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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’m Brenna and I’ll be your guide through all things boob related.  Or, at least, my boobs.

At age 31 I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.  Although I am not necessarily young by societal standards, in the world of breast cancer I am very young. Without uttering too many platitudes, it has rocked my world in more ways than I could have imagined.

I am not a professional blogger but I have been told I have a gift for writing.  Furthermore, I have attempted to be brutally honest about each step of my treatment, modeling after several other bloggers I have admired.  Although some posts are unpleasant and graphic they reflect the detail and reality of my experience.

My posts are chronological and although, of course, each one does not have to be read, I would recommend at least reading the first two posts:

1. “Oh no one called you?”

2. “What’s that?”

Thank you for taking the time to visit (o)(o)


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweater Bunnies!

  1. Brenna-I cried when I read ur blog, n feel badly”like who am I to cry” this is happening to you. I knew you from when your mom was assistant principal at Butterfield. I am a teacher.
    you are on my pray list. I will pray for you, honey, and I believe our God is greater then breast cancer. I believe in your healing and long life.
    I am sad and sorry that you have to go through this trial, but so happy that you have a wonderful support system.
    love, Frannie Baldwi


  2. Brenna….this is wonderfully written and we are all there for you, Luigi, and Karen and Tony. Be strong!
    Joanie Ogg.


  3. Brenna, you have always been an amazing girl…but this just solidifies…you are meant to change the world! Thanks for sharing your journey…we will pray for a quick cure-but regardless, we know you will conquer this!!


  4. I received a similar call from my dermatologist one morning. “Oh, it’s melanoma. You’ll need to schedule another appointment.” Yeah, I would think so, Moron. Tough road ahead, Brenna. Get tougher. No fear, because believe me, you have your Mom’s Army right behind you. Alverno 1972. Reach out to any of us for help and support. We are here.


  5. God bless you. My mother and her sisters have went through this on more than one occasion n it has blighted our family throughout the previous generations. We have a mutant gene in our family n hav been advised to hav our breasts removed as our risks are 97% chance.
    Wishing you all the best as u take on the next chapter in your life. Xxxxx


  6. Brenna, I’ll be in Myanmar for a month, but in my heart I will take you with me.
    Ethelyn Pankratz, Dana’s friend in Portland


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